Although rooted in the quaint traditions of local seaside farms, Nova Scotia Organics™ is more factory than farm.

Inside the rustic, white-shuttered exteriors, you’ll find a sophisticated manufacturing operation with everything from massive freeze-dryers, an extraction system that fills a large room with shiny stainless kettles and coils bubbling away, to industrial sized granulators, mixers, tableters and a long, winding line for bottling, sealing, capping and labeling.

Nestled right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, about 15 miles outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the 300 acre farm we’ve called home since the mid-1990s. Nova Scotia Organics comprises many weathered barn buildings—some more than 150 years old—that have been gently restored, modernized, preserved and expanded over the years. Today, the farm is also home to a modern, 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility, kept cool and ventilated most of the year by crisp ocean breezes. It’s here that we process ingredients imported from trusted organic growers all over the world.


We adhere strictly to Good Manufacturing Practice policies, consistent with those required to manufacture USDA Certified Organic products in all forms, including powders, caplets, tablets, chewables, or simple freeze-dried, whole-food fruit snacks. 

And while we may not look quite as fetching when wearing our crisp white lab coats and hairnets, when it comes to ensuring that you receive clean, effective, quality products, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Get all the details on our organic process.