Our meticulous organic process

Partnering with Food Scientists and Product Development staff, as well as researching externally, Founder and President Nancy Smithers leads a process that identifies a specific formulation to deliver a desired outcome, one for which we believe Nature has the perfect first-line of defense solution.

Nova Scotia Organics sources over 100 different organic ingredients from countries all over the world: as far away as Peru, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Germany, India, Chile and Brazil, and as close to home as California and our own Canadian backyard. We’ve built long-standing relationships—over decades, in some cases—with the best organic growers worldwide, ensuring Nova Scotia Organics is among the first in line to receive the finest crops.

When these ingredients arrive at our facility, they are carefully logged in and set aside in quarantine. Despite all ingredients having Certificates of Organic Authenticity and Certificates of Analysis from the growers, we test everything for various measures of purity before it enters our temperature- and humidity-controlled storerooms.

Soon, the alchemy of organic vitamins and supplement formulations begins in earnest.


Process During

Every product’s formulation is different, but the meticulousness of our process is the same. Ingredients are carefully weighed, logged, and recorded, and depending on the type of material, may be ground, freeze-dried, or gently extracted in our low-temperature extraction machines.

Eventually, all are prepared to become freeze-dried whole fruit pieces, or mixed and granulated together in just the right measurements to create caplets, tablets, chewables, extracts or loose ready-to-mix powders—whichever form our research tells us will best preserve the nutritional properties of the ingredients. Because we never use synthetic fillers, we use tiny amounts of organic binders—such as Acacia Gum or Jerusalem Artichoke—to help especially dry ingredients hold together.

(You should smell the place on pineapple cutting day. If we didn’t have to wear white lab coats, gloves and hairnets, we’d all be doing the hula.)


Process After

Ready to package and ship, right? Almost. First, we take a step that ensures we sleep well every night, but one many other manufacturers omit. We hire an independent lab (three, actually) to test our products to ensure our caplet, tablet, chewable or dose, has exactly the nutritional information our label says it does. If it doesn’t, we start over. You won’t hear about the 60 Minutes film crew showing up here anytime soon. But really, it’s what you should expect, and we’re happy to do it…right.

Finally, we fire up the four-function bottler, safety sealer, capper, and labeling conveyor line. Then, we date our products for freshness and box and ship them to you, so your body and Nature can start working together on your wellness.

We’re just happy to make the introduction.